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UNLOCK:: Hanabusa Nao by brawwr UNLOCK:: Hanabusa Nao by brawwr


Name: Hanabusa Nao (英なお)
Age: 17
Gender: Male

DoB: July 5
Height/Weight: 6'0/185cm | 160 lbs/72.5 kg
Year: 3rd Year

Nationality: Japanese
Roommate: Kamishiro Akira
Club: Swimming Club


☆Optimistic | Warm | Protective | Flexible | Romantic
★Unscrupulous | Forgetful | Slow | Reserved | Nervous

•Despite his perpetual sleepiness, Nao is a very sweet guy who genuinely believes in hope for always improving the future. It is difficult for him to express his genuine emotions past the veil of sleepiness that is always hanging over him, but when his personality shines through, it is sincere and fun-loving. He wants to make friends with as many people as he can in order to make up for lost time as a child, but he's also often rather awkward around other people from never having interacted much with his peers. He is very easygoing and relaxed, preferring to take life at a very leisurely pace. He is sure he can't handle a fast and stressful life, anyway, and was meant to be a slowly-paced person. He is flexible and gets along with many types of people, appreciative of wide ranges of personalities because he is not very judgmental. He enjoys excitable and loud people as he wishes he was able to be as energetic as they are.
Because of his handsome face, "attractively messy" hair (that is, his perpetual bedhead), and "cool attitude" (always sleepy) he has a prevailing image among many girls at school as being a famous school heartthrob. However, knowing that his real personality is nothing like that, Nao feels pressure to act a certain way around girls. The prettier they are, the more intimidated he is. The same is true for him towards very handsome boys.
Nao sometimes seems to operate on a separate plane of reality from other people. It is difficult for him to connect to others because of how often he must spend sleeping and spacing out during the day. He is apt to say and do strange things and has a very surreal sense of humor. He is jokey and likes to have fun, even if nobody else thinks he's as funny as he believes he is.
Because of how few friends he has ever had, Nao is very protective over the ones he may get. He tries to be a good friend, but often his condition combined with his relaxed personality make him unreliable. He is a good listener as he doesn't talk much, but also struggles not to fall asleep in the middle of what somebody is saying. If his friends are threatened he will try his best to protect them, but it's dubious as to how much help he'd really ever be.
Some of Nao's biggest faults are that he is inherently unable to maintain the same kind of relationships most people do, tends to constantly forget or shirk important things, and can generally be one of the most useless people ever. He doesn't mean to be, but he's long since been bad at turning in assignments and remembering important dates. He regularly forgets details about his friends, even things as simple as their favorite color or their birthday. He can't be depended on to complete favors or even fully function without someone to help him take care of himself. His condition causes him trouble with concentrating or paying attention for long periods of time.


-Candy, Pastries, mostly baked foods
-Stuffed Animals (any cute kind)
-Sewing, making his own plush animals
-Beach/ocean/tropical locations


-Horror/Scary things
-Bullying/Teasing (hates seeing his friends be bullied)
-Laziness (REALLY hates lazy people) /Being called lazy
-Spicy food
-Winter, cold weather


•Nao's parents met when his father, a young Japanese businessman, went on vacation to England and met his mother, the only daughter of a very old money family. They fell in love and she moved with him to Kagoshima to get married only a couple of years after meeting. They had a wonderful relationship and knew they wanted a family and life together, so after Nao's father's business became successful they had enough wealth to buy a lovely home near the beach, which they believed would be the perfect place to raise a family. Soon after marrying, Nao's mother gave birth and they were eager to begin life with their newborn son. From the beginning, Nao's parents loved him dearly and did everything they could to make him happy and tend his needs, and being that he was a good-tempered baby, he was very loving and close with his parents. As a child he was active in sports and his parents' various social events as wealthy socialites, and even enjoyed going swimming at the nearby beaches with his parents whenever the weather allowed. He went on trips to exotic destinations often and his parents loved him so greatly that they took him everywhere with them.
However, soon after Nao entered adolescence, his energy in daily life began to wane until he spent hours during the day lying around and sleeping. Before he knew it, entire chunks of his life were beginning to go missing as he spent so much time sleeping. His parents were worried, alternating between scolding him and asking him if he got enough sleep, if he was doing drugs or alcohol, begging him to tell them what was wrong with him if they promised they wouldn't get mad. Nao couldn't do anything but respond with confusion and try to convince them that his sleepiness was completely out of his control; no matter how much he slept, he could always sleep more. Nao's parents took him to all the best doctors they could, trying to put their wealth to use finding a diagnosis or cure for their precious son.
As time carried on, Nao's constant sleeping caused him to drift away from his parents, and he only remotely cared about finding a cure for himself. He felt too perpetually exhausted to care about much more than food and sleep. For years, Nao was mistakenly diagnosed with and treated for myriads of other illnesses, from depression to autoimmune disease. School became too difficult for him to manage and his parents simply resorted to hiring private tutors. He couldn't be trusted to do anything on his own, not even learning to cook or drive a car. Nao was attended to like a pampered prince at every minute of every day. There was someone to do nearly everything for him, even the things he insisted he could do on his own. He began to grow very sad, believing that he would never be able to do more than sleep the day away and disappoint others around him.
Soon, Nao's moods began growing violent and angry due to his frustration coupled with perpetual exhaustion. He lashed out at anyone who tried to wake him and was left largely alone save for his favorite stuffed bunny, Mochi, who he used to practice expressing his feelings in a nonviolent way. His anger caused the rift between him and his parents to grow even deeper, until one night as he was talking with Mochi, he realized that he had become completely alone, with nobody but a stuffed animal for company.
After apologizing to Mochi for thinking he was not good company, Nao wiped his tearful eyes and once the tears were gone, he could see a cute egg printed with a little bunny on it resting upon his pillow. Perplexed, he wondered if it was a decoration of some sort left lying around by the house maids, and spent awhile looking at it before he decided that it was cute and he would keep it to himself. That night, Nao decided that it didn't matter what condition or illness he had. The only thing that mattered was his attitude and how he viewed what the future could be, rather than dwelling on the bad things that had happened. He would do his best to become a happy person, surrounded by loved ones.
Soon after this, Nao was finally correctly diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomnia. There was no cure, or even any sure explanation of how the disease affected his body. While that would have made him sad before, Nao did his best to take it in stride. He had decided not to let his illness defeat him anymore. Nao decided soon after starting his medication to leave home and attend Seiyo Academy because he wanted to go someplace and prove that he could do things on his own, make friends by himself and build a happy life with his own strength.

"Ah... I fell asleep... again."
"Would you mind if I use you for a pillow?"
"What do you think, Mochi-san?"
"No, I was NOT talking to my stuffed animal! Who does that, babies!?"


JUPYON - After meeting Juon and subsequently bonding with him in the span of a few minutes, Nao has become very attached already. Though he is too much of a space-case to say it, Nao is extremely grateful for Juon's understanding of his hypersomnia. The fact that Juon offered to help Nao wake up and stay awake in class is touching to him in a way that most people could not understand, and Nao is secretly amazed that he was fortunate enough to meet Juon. In return, Nao has decided to be as loyal to Juon as possible, and do the best he can to be a good friend. He is already attached to Juon to a ridiculous and possibly stupid extent, but he is happy about that. It may not mean much to other people, but when Juon told Nao it was okay to sleep on his shoulder, it meant more than he could have ever said.
Nao is very happy when Juon is around.

YUUPAI - Yuudai helped Nao after he fell down the stairs from falling asleep at a bad time. Because of that, Nao thinks that Yuudai is both a sweet and reliable person, which makes Nao admire him. At first Nao was intimidated by Yuudai since Nao finds attractive people scary, but he soon found that Yuudai wasn't scary at all and actually rather pleasant. Nao believes that Yuudai is adorable and very kind, and is endlessly grateful for the concern Yuudai showed towards his condition, especially offering to play basketball with him. He also feels a kinship with Yuudai, since they are both males who enjoy doing 'girly things', and seeing Yuudai's pink egg made him feel more confident about his own. Nao likes to playfully tease Yuudai about being a "super cute" person behind his misleading angry expression, but in earnest, he also genuinely enjoys Yuudai's company and wants to become even better friends with him.
Nao likes Yuudai very much already.

LOUISE - A beautiful and scary girl that Nao is on the swim team with. He likes her and admires her fiery spirit, but at the same time, is afraid to approach or talk to her due to her good looks. Once he has settled down around her, though, Nao would like to be her friend if possible. He believes that beneath her sort of terrifying exterior, she must genuinely be a wonderful person. He wants to give her a cute nickname once they're better friends.
Nao enjoys watching Louise, especially during swim club, because her energy inspires him.

Voice: Ono Yuuki


•Believes the school needs to get a napping club.
•His hobby is making his own stuffed animals and giving them to people. He is good at sewing, but only good at making stuffed animals and absolutely nothing else. Nao carries a sewing kit with him and works on small plushes in his free time.
•Can't pay attention to books without pictures so he reads a ton of manga and then uses it like real life experience.
•Agitation affects him like bothering a cranky person after being woken up, thus few things make him angry but hitting his sore spots will greatly irritate him.
•Prone to "automatic behavior", i.e. Nao will do/say things without control whilst sleeping or falling asleep.
•Experiences peripheral vascular symptoms (cold body temperature, cold hands/feet) as a side-effect of his condition, which is why he wears fluffy socks, sweaters, and a hat.
•Eating lots of foods (particularly sweets) help keep Nao's energy up during the day, so he always has food with him and is often eating.
•His parents do not believe most things he tries to tell them because they think he is simply recalling dreams as real events, as he was apt to do as a child. This frustrates Nao greatly because he now has complete ability to differentiate his dreams from reality, however he remains unable to convince them.
•Absolutely detests people who are simply lazy, and sees them as a waste of their fortune to be born without his kind of condition. He will absolutely not accept being around people who are lazy for no reason, and reprimands people he sees being too lazy and tell them to be ashamed of themselves.
•Makes up songs to help him remember things despite falling asleep often.
•Prone to injuries due to falling asleep in strange places/excessive sleepiness gives him poor motor control.
•Nao brought Mochi with him to the academy and is waiting for the right time to introduce him to his roommate. For now, Mochi hides in his school bag. Nao brings Mochi to class secretly, for moral support.
•Information on Idiopathic Hypersomnia. "In essence, it is as though these patients are chronically sedated with a benzodiazepine such as Versed or Xanax, even though they do not take these medications."



Waaaaa I'm so glad I finished on time!! Hello yes this is my character i am joining with my buddies DJ and pai!! omg o(-< i really really hope i get accepted! 

IM SORRY about his headshot being pretty much the same as the full body ;;; i was going to do another separate drawing but once i resized the fullbody i was worried nobody would be able to tell his eye color so i was afraid of messing with it!! (HIS EYES ARE BRIGHT GREEN if its too hard to see im the poopiest o(-< urgh im sorry)

ALSO i didn't know if rolling up his pants on his uniform would be ok ??? but even though it's a uniform i just wanted him to look unique and have as much of a nice and noticeable character design as i could while he's still wearing the uniform technically o(-< if it's tooo bad though, pls tell me and i can put up a version with his pants rolled down! if thats ok! or not or w/e! sorry!!
anyways SUPER CUTE GROUP everybody check it out! ` 7 `/
EDIT: SORRY i added some stuff i forgot to include in the first time!! o(-< sry
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